Who We Are

Care That Works (CTW) is a coalition of grassroots community groups and labor unions that organize working parents and grandparents, nannies and au pairs, family child care providers, and center-based child care workers in Greater Boston and across Massachusetts. 

Injustice toward women, especially women of color, has shaped the care economy of today. Equity must direct our efforts to create a new care economy. Led by Black, Latinx, Asian, and white women, CTW fights for justice for all the women who are taken for granted as unpaid or underpaid caregivers and for all the families and communities held back from their full potential in a society that dismisses care as an individual problem instead of investing in care as an essential public good. 

Our Vision

CTW members are united by a vision for a publicly-funded child care system shaped to empower those who are worst impacted by unaffordable care and underpaid care labor. 

For children and parents to flourish in the home and as contributing members of society, our government must invest in a child care system that: 

  • meets the complete care needs of families with children ages 0-12, 
  • provides dignified and family-sustaining jobs for child caregivers, 
  • prioritizes business ownership and wealth building for women and communities that have historically been excluded from these opportunities, and 
  • is controlled by and accountable to the families, workers, and communities that rely on it.


Child care is the lynchpin for our state’s recovery from the COVID-19 recession. Working families in Massachusetts need child care relief immediately. The state and employers must work together to support working parents with young and school-age children, including by establishing policies and protections to ensure child care conflict aren’t forcing parents to quit work, and providing financial resources for families to support new COVID-related child care demands. 

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