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Child care is an economic necessity for working families, in addition to employing a large workforce of women and providing a critical environment for children to learn and grow. However, the child care system in Massachusetts is difficult to navigate and deeply inequitable. While Massachusetts child care is among the most expensive in the country, public subsidies cover only a small portion of the cost and eligible families face long waiting lists. The state has imposed increasingly high standards on child care providers, but the wages of these providers remains low.


Care that Works is a new campaign convened by Community Labor United that seeks to bring community-based organizations and labor unions together to confront the child care crisis in Massachusetts. The strength of our coalition lies in joining the interests of child care providers and working families who both lose under an underfunded system.


Care That Works Coalition is preparing for a long-term campaign to transform the provision of child care in Massachusetts in a way that meets the needs of families as well as child care providers and the workforce.

The following principles unite our coalition:
• Child care should be affordable and accessible to any parent that needs it.
• Child care is a collective need of our society, so it should be a collective responsibility to pay for it — with families, businesses, and government all playing a part.
• Child care should be provided by a diverse network of trusted providers including child care centers, family child care providers, nannies, and family/friends/neighbors (including providers that can offer care during non-standard work hours).
• Child care providers should earn family-sustaining wages and benefits.
• Parents and providers should have a voice at any table where decisions are made about child care.

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Community Labor United
BEST Hospitality Training
New England United for Justice
Brookview House
SEIU Local 509
UAW Local 1596
Matahari Women Workers’ Center
Policy Group On Tradeswomen's Issues


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