Caring for children is an essential job that deserves fair compensation. As a care provider in the family, friends, and neighbor (FFN) network, it’s important to ensure that you are getting paid fairly for the important work you do. 

If you’re a care provider in the FFN network, we encourage you to download the calculator spreadsheet and input your information to determine your daily and hourly rates. If you find that the rates generated by the calculator are below minimum wage, we encourage you to speak up and advocate for fair compensation. Together, we can work towards ensuring that all care providers are paid a fair wage for the important work they do.

Here is how to use the calculator:

  • Enter the number of hours you work in cell A5 and the number of kids you take care of in cell C4. 
  • Cells C5 and D5 will display your daily and hourly reimbursements in the provider’s home.
  • Cells F5 and G5 will display your daily and hourly reimbursements in the child’s home. 
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