H.456, An Act To expand access to family, friend and neighbor-provided childcare

Family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) child care is the missing piece in our child care system for parents working nonstandard schedules or without access to formal programs, especially in low-income, BIPOC, immigrant, and rural communities. Today, the state pays FFN providers less than minimum wage and blocks many parents from splitting their child care voucher between FFN child care and formal programs. H.456, introduced by Representative Marjorie Decker and the Care That Works coalition, would create a more equitable child care system by expanding access to families most in need and ensuring FFN providers are paid at least the state minimum wage.


Who We Are

The Care That Works coalition is a multiracial, feminist, working-class coalition of unions and community groups organizing paid and unpaid child caregivers: parents, relatives and friends, domestic workers, family child care providers, and center-based workers. Our work is to reimagine, realign, and grow our care ecosystem as a public good to ensure that all care jobs are good jobs and that all forms of care are abundant for all communities.


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Our pilot connects working families in Boston and beyond with early morning child care